Top 5 Foods for Ultimate Brain Health

Top 5 Foods for Ultimate Brain Health

It’s true a healthy body with a sickly under-performing brain is useless. As much as your body cells require specific nutrients for proper nourishment, so does your brain. The foods you choose to eat have a great impact on your brain. So to remain sane, you need to regularly give yourself a brains food treat. As you will notice below, different foods contain varying nutritional quantities hence disqualifying your contentment in just intake frequency. Giving your brain the right quantities of vital nutrients is equally important.

Importance of Mental Health

The brain is the body’s livelihood so, keeping it healthy through proper nourishment is important. Just like a computer motherboard, your brain is in charge of basic cognitive skills including; decoding and processing new information, making rational judgments, focusing and recognition. So, if you want to remain mentally healthy, you need to eat a variety of brain foods in their right proportion.

So How Does Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

I know you are wondering on the relationship between food and brain function. Well I understand as there seems not to be a direct link between the two. To understand this however, we must look at some of the brain enhancing nutrients.

1. Iron

Iron is important for the production of dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are vital in mood regulation hence reducing chances of depression. Foods like beans, red meat, or fortified grains like potatoes and bread can be a generous source of iron.

2. Vitamin B1, B3 and B12

In particular B vitamins are considered as anti-depression and anti-irritability. Animal proteins like meats (fish and poultry), eggs and milk hold large reserves of these vital vitamins

3. Selenium:

Deficiency in selenium can lead to depression and other negative moods like anxiety, overwhelming and sadness. Large quantities of selenium can be found in animal proteins like beef, fish and poultry. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower and Brazil nuts also hold substantial amounts of this key nutrient.

Types of Mental Health Foods

1. Salmon

Well, if seafood is your liking, get excited, because despite being highly nutritious, salmons also double as one of the best brain food-friendly foods you can have! High quantities of omega-3 fatty acids enhance your brain by enabling it to run smoothly and improve memory. Bid goodbye to brain fog with an occasional delicious treat of this yellow fish.

Since our bodies cannot naturally produce omega-3 and DHA or EPA, you can get them from the omega-3 rich salmons. Basically, fatty acids protect our brain cell membrane while anti-inflammation protects brain cells from inflammation which greatly improves signal transmission.
This fish is also packed with large reserves of vitamin D which is important when it comes to depression management and immunity boosting. If you have children, a four- ounce of salmon serving can improve their focus, prevent ADHD, cancer and also kill tumors.

Salmons raised in farms have been reported to contain mercury toxins, so we would advise you to buy Alaskan wild caught salmons.

2. Walnuts

Well, eating a few walnuts daily can really prevent you from going nuts through boosting your cognitive skills. Packed with high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, walnuts can greatly improve your mental alertness. These nuts are also a rich source of vitamin E which is important for warding off Alzheimer’s.

Research also suggests that walnuts are one of the best brain-friendly foods. So highly concentrated with Omega-3 fatty acids, a handful of walnuts can pump enormous amounts of brain-nourishing fatty acids into your body.

3. Avocado:

Yeah…you read it right, Avocado! Well, I am sure you are wondering why this food is on the list. Avocados are packed with a brain-powering oleic acid which gives your brain cells necessary energy for signal transmission.

Did you know that a diet of avocados can prevent you from a stroke? These fruits contain folate and vitamin k which helps prevents the formation of clots in the brain and also greatly improves memory and concentration.

Despite receiving a bad reputation from their high-fat concentration, it is important to note that avocados are one of the healthiest fruits you can have. These green powerhouses contain a monosaturated fat, in form of oleic acid important for the brain to run smoothly.

4. Egg Yolk

Well, eating eggs can really turn a dull sole into a happy one.
Many people prefer consuming the egg whites. If you are one of them, then know that you had it wrong all along. Yolks hold large quantities of choline, which helps in fetal brain development for expectant moms. Choline also breaks down bethane, a chemical that produces happiness related hormones.

Recent research suggests that eating eggs does not impact on cholesterol levels but instead can help in raising cholesterol to safe levels. So, if cholesterol concerns have been preventing you from eating your egg whole here is good news.

Tip: As much as eggs are considered a cheap source of protein eating organic eggs from free-range hens is recommended. They have the best consistency

5. Beans

Here is another food that will keep your brain in top running condition. Beans are rich in folic acid whose deficiency can result in depression and neurological disorders. A study conducted in Netherlands-800 individuals participated, found that after receiving folate supplement for about 3 years, subjects developed better cognitive skills and also experienced a memory boost. Beans are also packed with substantial amounts of Omega-3, proteins, and magnesium which are vital nutrients for brain cells development.

Bottom Line

So, the above five foods contain essential nutrients for your brain to develop healthy cells essential for proper function. Some of the nutrients, however, are concerned with proper signal transmission and triggering secretions of hormones necessary for proper mental judgment.

Eating any of the above foods not only guarantees you mental health but also general body health. The list does not end there,, why not hit our inbox and help make it longer. Let us know if you have grasped a new idea. Trust me someone will find your contribution worthy just as you have found ours.
I hope you have enjoyed reading through our article. The information has been thoroughly researched and specially drafted to conclusively answer your questions in the most reader friendly way.

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